Please help me decide:

Speakers: Ohm Acoustics 5000
You are a man of few words.
And of mystery. What do you have now? What are your priorities in a sound system? What kind of room do you have?
You should consider trying a different kind of speaker
I notice you posted a similar uninformative thread yesterday. Don't you realize that if you don't explain yourself and elaborate on your current system and what you are looking to achieve that almost no one will try to help you?
But he did say please.
I doubt anyone has tried this combination???
If hoot wants 1000 watt monoblocks, Emotiva just came out with a similar size for even less money. I wonder what I would do if I moved up from my 10 watt triode to 1000 wpc, an extra 990 wpc.....
that is FUNNY. i have a 3.5 wpc set and i could use the additional 996.5 watts i bet. next time i buy some 7 way speakers with a sensitivity of 78 db i will get me some, assuming they will rent me the stadium.