Please, help me choose speakers for my Graaf GM200

the only component in my current system that has not been upgraded are my speakers, B&W Nautilus 803s. I feel like that is my only missing link to a new sound. I have had these for a while and I think that they are a bit too bright and lack the bass in my set-up.

thus, my question: what speakers should I get?

the system as of now:

Audio Aero Capitole MKII CDP
Sonic Frontiers Line-3 preamp
Graaf GM200 OTL amp
B&W N803 speakers (to be replaced)

all components wired with Stealth calbes (PGS, H-MTLs, C-9...) and plugged into two Equitech 2Qs.

thank you in advance.
I listened to the GRAAF with the Sonus Faber Amati Hommage and the Cremona. Both fantastic matches!
Good luck!
I listened to a dealer demo with Sound Lab electrostatic speakers, don't remember the model number, that was stunning. It was the best I've heard from any electrostatic speaker amp combination. The sound was very dynamic and detailed without the edge of the ss amps.
I'm using B&W Nautilus 801 and pretty satisfied with the match.
That's easy! Try Avantgarde Uno or Duo. I have heard your Graaf OTL's with the Uno and it was very, very good.
I match Graaf GM200 + 13.5Bmk2 with audiomachina the pure system.. and it is fantastic!!!
The best speaker I've heard with Graaf gm200 was SF Stradivari with dCS directly to GM200 (no preamp-dCS direct).
Eight years on. Wow. I hope mstary is doing well...
Any speaker with Beryllium tweeters, me thinks.
I would add after almost 1 year :), ant Venture speakers.
I listen to a gm200 + 13.5b with SF Cremonas and they sound beautiful.

I also enjoy the gm200 with SF Guarneri's. The cremonas have more bass and have become my preferred match for the gm200.

I tryed my amati's with the gm200 but i prefer a pair of monoblocks ARC 210 for these speakers.

Gm200 is exquisite with the cremonas.
Quad ESL57s love Graaf OTLs!!