Please help me change the look of my speakers

I have a pair of Genesis G7.1f's (see attached picture). I am trying to sell them on this site. If I cannot sell them, I am going to have to change the look of my speakers, as they do not work with with the color scheme of my listening room. My turntable is Macassar ebony, and my audio rack is Macassar ebony and black. The point is, the black and mostly grey speakers do not work. They sound great, but do not work well aesthetically.

I would like them to look like the Thiel's that come in Macassar ebony finish.

Is there a veneer paper I can buy to cover the a wallpaper? Can they be painted? Any suggestion will be most appreciated.

Thank you in advance!
If it were me, I wouldn't sell those speakers. I came very close to getting a pair myself. It wasn't the exact same model; they were the ones that looked like the Watt/Puppy. The tweeter was the same. One of the best tweeters I've ever heard. The bass was just as good.

I think the best way to fix the problem is to turn the lights off in your listening room and keep what you have. Maybe paint the room a different color. The only thing I can tell you for sure is that there's nothing worse than taking the best component you have and selling it.
If you take them to a cabinet shop that have experience with speakers they should be able to re-finish them, however if done correctly it will not be cheap. Macassar Ebony is about the most expensive veneer you can buy, that combined with the rounded corners and surfaces on the cabinet and you are looking at a costly affair.

Veneer Samples

Best of luck

You could have a cabinetmaker sand the cabinets and re-stain or paint to match your gear. This should not be very expensive, much less than applying veneer...

I just thought of something else that may help. I have friends that have Meridian and Wilson speakers. I know for sure that my friend with the Meridian's needed one of the speakers repainted due to scratches and had a body shop do the work. I'm pretty sure the same thing with the Wilson's, but I'm not 100%. I didn't think of it at first because the Genesis's that I was looking at were wood. The ones in your picture look very similar to the finish of a Wilson or Meridian.

Needless to say, you would have to be very careful about who you let do the work. Given your speakers, though, I think its worth looking into. If you had another pair of speakers in mind that you know you will be happy with, then it would make sense to sell them. Otherwise, the real question is, would you really be happy with another speaker that didn't sound as good as your Genesis? Even if they did look better?
Dear Zd542, I think I would be happier if they speakers sounded as good or nearly as good. The Genesis do sound amazing. However, I like the Thiel CS2.7's in Maccasar that have received very good reviews.

Speaking of cabinet maker: my audio rack was built by a cabinet maker friend of mine. PErhaps he could figure out how to fabricate something so my speakers could match.
Or, paint them yourself! Realize that even if you do a perfect job, the value will plummet should you decide to sell them.
Jnovak: that is true. However, I am hoping to apply a wood finish to them instead of painting them, if that is at all possible.
" The Genesis do sound amazing. However, I like the Thiel CS2.7's in Maccasar that have received very good reviews."

Thiel is a very good speaker, but you need to listen to them first. Then don't sound like your current speakers. Also, you may need to get another amp. You don't mention what you currently have but the Genesis are a much easier speaker to drive.
I am using a MC275