Please Help Me Build A System Under 6k!!

I'm trying to put together a complete new system for under 6k if need be but preferably closer to 5 if at all possible.   

Amp (w/ good phono stage or will also need Phono pre) 
Good quality wireless streaming capability (Tidal Masters, etc.)
(Will be connecting in an existing Marantz CD player) 

Also any suggestions as to where to purchase online would be great. My story is new house, young family, wife has given me the go ahead, want to buy ASAP before the tide turns.

Only room I can use is 14' wide x 28' deep. Seating area will be approx. 17' from wall with system. Speakers will need to be as close to the wall as possible. 

I was shopping Music Direct (thoughts?) and thinking something like this:   

REGA - Fono MM Mk3 Phono Preamplifier Phono Preamps


REGA - Planar 3 (White, Elys 2) Turntables


KEF - LS50 (White/Blue) Speakers


NAD ELECTRONICS NAD - M10 BluOS Streaming Amplifier Integrated Amp


I like jazz (everything after Big Band), blues, singer / songwriter (Joni Mitchell, Cat Stevens, Tim Buckley, Nick Drake), also Talking Heads, Radiohead, Fleetwood Mac, Police, Grateful Dead, as examples of regular rotation. 

In terms of equipment, I don't want to have to fix anything. Not looking to modify or upgrade. Just want to make a call on the equipment, buy, arrange, connect and be done.

I'd consider myself very knowledgeable about music but very much a novice regarding equipment. Spent A LOT of time reading reviews which is dizzying. So any thoughts on what I put together above, alternates for different pieces, or if you think I'm on the wrong track altogether and you have a system idea from scratch I'm all ears and would very much appreciate any input.

I should add a have an old pair of Monitor Silver RS-6s. I don't know if I should just use those vs buying something like the KEFs. 
Music Direct has some excellent deals on speakers in their closeout section.  Then combine with Schiit.  That would work.
Don't forget cables. Cullen cables are good quality and reasonably priced. Also, you should not have to pay retail for any of the equipment you listed.    
Great thank you for the responses. I was actually looking at the Schiit Audio Ragnarok 2 integrated amplifier so it's good to hear some confirmations regarding the brand. I was looking at Music Direct's closeouts as well and saw Quad, Elac, JBL and Vandersteens.
Again thanks for the help so I guess the questions are:
1) Anyone know if the Schiit Audio Ragnarok 2 integrated amplifier is a good product?
2) Out of Quads, Elacs, JBLs and Vandersteens in the 2k-3k range are they better than my old Monitor Silver RS-6s? If so, any recommendation which manufacturer to focus on?
3) When you mention not paying retail, do you mean negotiate with Music Direct directly or try to find individuals selling their gear online?


Quad Z’s or Vandersteen.

And then there's this alternative.
Splurge a little on really *excellent* speakers: 
Tell Fritz Audiogon sent you and I'm sure he'd give you a good price.

Combine with class A Schiit Aegir, as these are very easy to drive.
Schiit sells their products direct, so I doubt there is any room for discounts. 
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I had the same budget and got Rega Elex-R, Rega P3+Exact+Neo+Groovetracer Reference Subplatter, Spendor A4.  This mostly for listening to Jazz, Classical, and Singer/Songwriter - the A4's would not be a good choice for Rock.

The Elex-R is design to work with the Elys and Exact cartridges so you don't need the Fono - that money is better spent on an Exact IMO
What I meat to add is that I really wished I'd simply bought a P6 rather than upgrading a P3 until it sounded the way I had initially hoped it would sound. It would have been cheaper.
For speaker cables that are good, and not just because they are a killer price, buy Canare 4S11 (star quad) speaker cables, available from Blue Jean Cables.
Thanks for all the input on the system. In the end I decided to hold off on speakers for now and put the money into the rest of the system. So right on budget all in I ended up getting a Naim Uniti Star Integrated Amp with DAC/Streamer, a Rega Planar 3, a Rega Fono MM MK III and Wireworld Oasis speaker cables and interconnects. I was trying to have as few components as possible but still achieve good sound. I was very interested in what I learned about Schiit after hearing the recommendations but in the end since the system will be in the main living room aesthetics were a part of the decision. Also definitely heard the comment about going for the P6 over the P3 but I had really hit the cap budget wise and need to start saving for speakers so hopefully I enjoy the P3. I have a pair of old PSB T6s as well as the Monitor Silvers and will try them both out. I'm thinking the Monitors but we shall see. I took notes on the speaker and cable recommendations for future system  updates. Just wanted to say thanks for everybody's time and input. Hopefully I chose wisely time will tell!   
Congrats on the Naim. Great choice. For fun I’d order a pair of Magnepan MMG’s
from Magnepan. If the size is not an issue for well under $1000 you’ll get an audiophile legend plus they are returnable if they don’t please you. Just an opinion
Actually the model is the LRS for $650 with 60 day trial period. Unbeatable