Please Help - Int Amp Problem - Can't Firgure Out

I don't think it really makes a difference in what I'm going to say, but for what it's worth, here's my system:

Outlaw Audio RR2150 Receiver
Tube Research Labs Modified Sony SCD-CE595 CD Changer
Audio Art IC-3 Interconnects
Audio Art SC-5 Speaker Cables
Paradigm 11se Mark II Floorstanding Speakers
Iego L70530+8055CT Power Cables

I just got a subwoofer and subwoofer cable, but it isn't hooked up yet. It's all a pretty simple 2-channel system - no phonograph, or anything else.

Ok, my two recent upgrades were a hospital grade outlet installed into my wall (tweak) and the two Iego power cords.

Shortly afterwards, I noticed that something sounded wrong. At first I thought it was the power cords needed to burn in, but that wasn't it. I wasn't hearing things in proper stereo, that is to say, I wasn't hearing proper channel separation.

I put in some CD's that I know go back and forth between channels and they weren't doing it. It was almost like it was in mono. I then moved the balance knob on my receiver all the way to the left, and then all the way to the right. Both times the sound changed, but also the sound was coming out of both speakers both ways.

I tried replacing every component, including cords with older components and cords one at a time to find the problem. Lastly, I replaced the receiver with my old integrated amp, and the problem was fixed - perfect stereo separation, and when I moved the balance knob one direction, the opposite speaker went completely quiet like it's supposed to.

Ok, so the problem is in the receiver. The really weird thing is, when I plug my headphones into the headphone jack of the receiver and listen, it sounds fine with the proper stereo separation.

I called Outlaw Audio and they suggested before I get it replaced (it's still under warranty), that I try putting everything back the way it was and to make sure that all the connections were tight and secure because they never heard of that particular problem ever happening before. I put everything back, made sure all the connections were tight, and voila, same damn problem!

So, I'm planning on asking Outlaw to send me a new receiver so I can send this one back, but am seriously NOT looking forward to having to go through the usual 200+ hour burn-in time again.

Did I miss anything? More importantly, can anyone who's had more experience at this sort of thing that me tell me what they think could be going on? Any way I can fix it myself before resorting to getting it replaced? Your timely advice would be greatly appreciated...
Hi Soulgoober, I'm no expert so don't expect much here. Perhaps this is caused by using Y adaptors or too many of them. Ran into the same thing once myself when I foolishly attempted to share 2 subs between 2 systems via permanent fixed connections using Y adaptors. Also, double check the polarity of the speaker cables, and that they are connected to the proper speaker terminals on the back of the amp. I'm interested in knowing the cause of this as well. Good luck.
It sounds like your speakers are out of phase. Make sure your speaker cables are hooked up correctly, + goes to + & minus to minus. Check it, don't assume you did it right. It has happened to me.
You have confirmed that your speakers are connected correctly to the receiver? If the headphone connection is working properly this is the only think I can think of short of the receiver being defective.
I have no Y adapters. It's definitely NOT the speaker cables. I have spade connectors, and it's not bi-amped. Just a simple red to red and black to black - kind of hard to mess up. I tried the speaker cables on the A channel and on the B channel - makes no difference. I replaced the speaker cables with some plain speaker wire. No matter what I did, the same thing kept happening. The only thing I haven't tried is connecting red to black and black to red, but that seems a bit foolish. Or is it?
Does the balance control work properly with the headphones? Some manufacturers made balance controls that didn't completely turn off the other channel when turned all of the way. They just allowed one channel to be adjusted a few dB louder or softer than the other.

The headphones may be driven off the preamp section so if the problem is in the power amp section it would act as you describe. If you hook up just speakers, no sources, and just play the radio and the problem persists it has to be the receiver.

No way a power cord could cause what you have.
The balance control works perfectly with headphones. Based on what person said above I thought the speakers might be out of phase. I researched that and it seems the test for that is to reverse the polarities of the speaker cables on one of the speakers. Well, I tried that on one speaker, then on the other and it made no difference. I talked to Outlaw Audio and they're going to send me a replacement.

Does anyone out there, however, have any idea what could have gone wrong?

Thanks for those who have responded already...