Please Help How would you grade an antique stereo?

I have a GRUNDIG antique beautiful 1959 Majestic stereo receiver, with record player from Germany. It is in great shape, but I was wondering if anyone knew a way to grade the value of such an item. Any contacts or websites or Any help would be appreciated
I have a Orion 1999 blue book. Under "Grundig" the oldest receiver listed was made from 1969 to 1974. Do you have a model number? I remember this brand from long ago...short wave days.
You should be able to find them on ebay. Watch and see...
Another 1 time price poster....great.
You might have more responses from this site:
Put it up for auction and when the auction is over, look at how much it sold for. That is how much it is worth.
Many people place the value of these in the $100-$200 range. If you follow them on ebay you will never see one sell for over $100, and usually more like $50 or less. If you like it, I would just keep it, you will be only be disappointed if you try and sell it.
Thanks for the response, being unfamiliar with stereo value I appreciate all the advice. Just the fine wood casing makes it a nice peice, and I know ebay does not fetch any real worth of an item. So I 'll probably keep it. I inherited it and didn't know if this would be something worth $25 or $2500. Thanks again to all who were helpful.
With great gear and the respect that came from the person who left it for you I would hang on and enjoy, your probably not at all familiar with this hobby and passion we all share here, but I can tell you this.....that was a gesture of respect you have been given, he must have sensed you would enjoy the gift of music and wanted to share gear with you to make it sound great.