Please help for performance with low cash......

For reasons beyond my control I am for lack of better word "poor" and I want to get the best CD play as possible for the money.....$300 or less. As I see it I have a few options but need to know the best one from you more experienced folks.

1) I could buy a used higher quality DVD/CD or a stand alone CD player (wich is another box on the rack and WAF ISSUES) and ALSO be at the mercy of an aged unit.

2) I could have my Samsung HD841 moddified, but the price goes from $150.00 to upwards of 1k and I am not sure exactly who does the best mod's, or how well the mods will perform when done.

3) I can buy a DAC and use my Rotel Processor feature wich will allow a 2 channel bypass of everything except the volume control.

I would like to know what opinions you have on best choice out of these options, the only other idea I have is to do a DIY upgrade to the Sammy's power supply, and dampen it a bit (wich is only a partial mod that I could do myself) and use an external DAC on top of it.

I know none of these options are gonna be the best performance out there, but what out of these is the BEST option I have being in my position?

thaks again for helping me out..Chad
I would recommend a California Audio Labs Sigma DAC in your case (available under $300 used).

If you can wait and save up another $100 or so, you could get a used Music Hall CD-25 cd player, which I think is one of the best bargains in one-box CD players around.

Don't apologize for not being able to spend $20K on a CD player; it's a lot more fun to get a great sounding system on a budget.

Thanks Mike, I wish I had a bit more money, but Social Security at 34 years old dont pay much lol
I thought you had already taken option 1?

IMO, your best option is not on your list. Be patient. Save some extra dough as you can and keep your eyes peeled for a great deal on a better quality redbook player.

I know what it's like trying to keep the upgrade wolves at bay, but in the long run, you'll end up getting better deals, better quality gear and fewer disapproving looks from the better half.
I think that you have a number of really good choices in your price range, depending on your listening preferences. The Rega Planet is the no brainer at the price. Build quality is excellent and so is the sound. If you move upmarket later, it is a fine transport. The Rotel 971 is a really nice player that punches way above its weight as well. They are just starting to come down to this price range. The Music Hall, mentioned above is super, but you will have to kick in some extra scratch or get lucky on price, though, in summer, a lot of stuff just doesn't move and prices become, shall we say....fluid.
Hey Looney,
Yes I did have option 1 in the works, but Medicade isnt covering a medication I need to survive, so that deal fell through. thanks for everyones help!
Chad: Go here:
The Onix XCD-88 is the same player as the Music Hall. It's made by Shanling. Do a search in the digital area of Audioasylum as this was discussed recently. For 300 on sale it's a great deal as I believe that's half of what Music Hall wants. With a 3 year warranty it's a no brainer.
Heya Warner...good to see you! and thanks for the tip...still dreamin of speakers here
Chad: You may want to also consider a changer like the Sony 222 model. These are under 300 used and sound quite good, hold 5 cds and will play sacd's too. Dawned on me you may like having a changer. Here's a 222 for 200: Low priced because it doesn't have original remote but he does have a remote that works. These are hard to beat for the money imo.
Save a littlme more and get a Jolida 100, one just sold for $400 (or less).
check out the tivoli(less than 300) and keep some of the money. its as good as most players in the 1k range.
I agree with Warnerwh: "The Onix XCD-88 is the same player as the Music Hall." You're getting a $500 CDP for only $300!! I've heard absolutely nothing but great things about the MH
You guys are great thanks for the tips!
Hey real quick, nobody thinks a DAC is the way to go?, thanks again!
Hi Chad,

I am a music lover first. Here is very close to my bedroom system. It has me starting my usual midnight listening secessions. You know the ones were you start at midnight until dawn. Because you love the music. The grado headphones are purely musical and detailed without listener fatigue. Total system cost is $184.00. And now you need to get on the internet at amazon and buy a lot of new music.

Truly musically satisfied.


Denon dcd -1520 $95.00
make sure you get the lamda dac’s . you can also get a dcd-1560

Grado SR-60’s $69.00

Ebay Optional because the headphone jacs don’t work on The 1520’s

Denon DRA 35v AV receiver in excellent condition or something like to use as a headphone amp since the cd player has the problem with the headphone jack
It seems the WAF is kicking in, and from what I gather by the little remarks I am getting is I better not add a new CD can I get a DAC that would improove sound from a Samsung HD841?
Just noticed you have a Rotel processor. I'd try it to see if I liked it. Rotel has a good reputation in this area. Definitely worth a try.
You mmean using the digital into the Rotel or analog?
Hi Chadnliz
If you don't already own a high performance support, you'll obtain results equal to or better than any mod or component upgrade by giving what gear you already have the opportunity to perform their functions to the maximum of their potential.
The best low cost,bang-for-buck means of accomplishing this is to fabricate a low mass support based on IKEA's cheap and cheery Lack sidetables.For well under $100, a few tools and your time, you'd reap significant sonic and musical benefits to both your sources and your amplification all in one shot.

Ken Lyon
Thanks a bunch to all of you!
I'll third the Onix XCD-88. About $320 shipped, 3 yr warranty. Add a pair of opa627 opamps later and you've got a CD player that will compete with $1000 models.
How about this idea, I've an AMC CD player just sitting around doing nothing.
You pay the shipping cost and I'll give it to you.
wow Hbarrel, I dont know what to say! please email me or look for my mail from you just made my day!
I'll wait for your email.
Chad, the remote is in today's mail.
Sorry about that.
Hey, no problem at all,
I had a chuckle at your email about the Heart CD, thanks again for everything...god bless!
I'd like to cancel my previous recommendation for the Onix XCD-88 from AV123. They suck....unless you like getting dinged 'B' stock crap and then losing what you paid for shipping.