Please help for my new amp.

Looking to upgrade my system...integrated amp with new Dali Zensor 3 speakers...Would like to stream in addition to lossless files and cds.
Looking at Cambridge cxa80,LM 216,Creek,Exposure... Any thoughts or positive recommendations would be mostappreciated. Just looking for some practical guidance. Not sure if I want a solid state or non fatiguing sound

I upgraded from Zensor 1's to Zensor3's(upgraded again to Dynaudio)& was driving them with tubes,the sound was fantastic!IMO the ULTIMATE amp for todays multi source system is the amp I now have,the iFi Audio "Retro Stereo 50".The amp alone is around $1500.00(you may find a deal if you look hard enough) & it's worth EVERY penny & then some!Google it & read the reviews & yes they are ALL dead on.The EL84 tube isĀ  wonderfully musical & organic,those Philips guys really nailed it when they designed this tube.The "Stereo 50"is a true Swiss Army Knife of an amp & can drive EVERY source you have now & are likely to have in the future.
If that's way over budget I would go with a good tube integrated amp & outboard DAC.I can make more recommendations with a budget...