please help diagnose tweeter problem

hello, i have a pair of meadowlark kestrel 2's and one of the tweeters recently stopped working after a move.. there's no hiss or static, it's just dead

i'm wondering if anyone knows what might have caused this, are any tests i can perform to confirm it's dead? could shipping/moving the speakers have caused a wire to come loose?

also, i've never replaced a tweeter before but if i order a replacement, how easy is it to replace the tweeter? do i just unscrew the original unit and solder in the new tweeter?

should i be replacing 2 tweeters at once so they have the same "burn-in"/time on them or does it not matter?

could shipping/moving the speakers have caused a wire to come loose?

Its possible and I would check there first before doing anything else......
B/4 u order anything, swap the tweeters on the speakers, that is replacing the bad tweeter with the good. Now if the good works after replacing then it is the tweeter, if it does not work, it could be the crossover or loose wire. Swapping the tweeter is pretty easy to do on most speakers.
i swapped the tweeter and it's definitely dead, i'm going to order a replacement

should i be buying a "matched" pair? or can i just get one?
get a matched pair just to be safe.
Are you sure it's not the crossover causing the problem? Just to make sure, I'd check that also before ordering the tweeter.
I believe the x'overs were checked when he swapped the tweeters. That is if the good tweeter stills worked after swapping, that automatically rules out the x'overs.

If u ordering an exact replacement, I am not sure u need to waste money on ordering a pair when all u need is one.

On the flip side, there are those who will argue that the system my sound different given the fact that one tweeter is broken in whilst the other is not.

It it were me, I will get just one.
thanks ajackson, i am just going to get one since it's the same exact replacement

and you are correct in saying that i swapped the good tweeter into the cabinet w/ the dead tweeter.. it works, so yeah, i think the crossovers are fine, it was just a dead tweeter

although, i'm not sure how a tweeter can "die" in transit, can anyone explain if this is possible? there's no physical damage at all

should i open up the dead tweeter?