Please help cartridge problem

A cartridge was given to me by a friend who has since pass away, I have no info on this cartridge. It comes in a box about 8 inches long and looks quiet expcive it needs to be re tipped it is Empire Scienific MC 1000 Van Den Hul made in Switzerland.Can someone suppy me total info onthis cartridge eg out put etc, and is it worth geting re-tipped? My Turntable is Well Tempered Classic Any advice? Regards David. [email protected]
Since you have internet access go to:
Thanks Ivanj, but there is no mention on there web site re there e-mail address, also it is not a Van den Hull cartridge but a Empire Scientific,all I know it is a Van Den Hull tip,Ivanj I do believe they have something to do with Benz micro I have e-mailed twice and guess what no reply!! thanks any way Ivanj. Can anybody else help?. Regards David.
Can you email a photo? I may be able to ask a friend who has had some dealings with cartridges coming from Switzerland and he may well recognize the cart. Hope this helps. Regards.
Dear Grp,thanks for your reply iam uable as I dont have have a scaner!!but thanks any way.
Hi! Just a thought as you are in the Garrott Brothers company still in business? I know they both died a while back but maybe someone still runs the operation. You could check for any info on Garrott?? They did a lot of re-tips and there was a tie-in with van den Hul. Hope this helps. Regards.
I believe that VDH or Benz used to own or develop Empire cartridges and this sounds like an old top of the line. That is why I told you to contact him.
Hello David, Netherlands calling.. home of Vd.Hul elements, I'm happy to report that van den Hul repairs almost every element which is sent, and at a very reasonable price. If you contact me via email, i will inform you fully. I own a Grasshopper... Enjoy, RON
Try going through old issues of Audio. Their October issues is where they listed and cataloged componets. I would begin in the early 80's, however, you may need to go back further. As stated above, I do believe Benz and Empire crossed paths along the way with Benz either buying out or morphing from Empire.