Please Help Can't get rid of radio station.

Please help. I just finished with some upgrades to my system which included tearing everything apart to install a custom Billy Bags rack, upgrading my turntable fom the VPI HWmkIII to the mkIV, and installing a new Shelter 901 cartridge. I was just getting ready to listen to the new TT upgrades when I noticed one of the local oldies stations coming out of both speakers. My power is clean since it comes from a PS Audio Power Plant. I never had the problem before. Is there something wrong with the cartridge or it's connections? This radio station must have a broadcast tower nearby or is blasting mega-wattage since it can be tuned in on any radio in about 10 places on the dial. I live in a relatively rural area with no hills, so multipath is not the issue. Also, when I talk on the phone, I can hear the same station on the phone line. In the four years I've lived in this house, I've never heard the radio station coming from my system (unless I've deliberately tuned it in on the tuner). My tuner is turned off and I can hear the radio playing. I only hear the radio when the preamp is set to "phono". Does this have anything to do with using a low output moving coil? My prior cartridge was a high output model (2.0 mV) Could the new Billy Bags rack be the culprit? The old stand was a Skylan made of MDF. The Billy Bags is metal. Is it possible it is acting like an antenna?

Thanks for your help!
There must be some subversive group out there that is using oldies as their carrier of propoganda as this is the second time someone has had this problem this year. See this thread: Perhaps there is an answer here for you!
I believe I've traced the problem to the cartidge. When I disconnected the phono cable it got rid of the radio station. I reconnected it and the station was back. I then looked at the cartridge. When I touched the cartidge body, and even more so, when I put my hand over the cartidge body, the volume of the radio sound decreased significantly. It appears that the Shelter 901 is acting like an antenna picking up this radio station that is blasting its signal. Am I SOL with this cartidge? Is there a fix?
almost certain 99% the issue is your cartridge. I beleive it isn't so much the type of cartridge, but where you live. you may be near a comunications tower. the issue occurs with Mc for sure, I bought a MED Output Sumiko SHO (2.5 mv) from another member her in NY for the same reasons. Over here in CA, i use the SHO w.o problems....

you may want to pick up an old inexpensive MM or if you have an old cartridge laying around, try adding it to the system to see what happens
Thanks for the response, Justlisten. I had a metal bodied Sumiko Alchemist IIb with 2.0 mV output and had no RFI problems. I think the Shelter may have a plastic body which won't shield it from RFI.

This is very disappointing to hear that I just spent all of that money for a cartridge that I can't use only because of where I live.
We had a KDKA Radio transmission tower near my house. Could pick up the radio on the telephone, other electronics, even heard radio when I opened the oven door sometimes.
The oldies station is BRUTAL. I am the guy that started the other thread. Please let me know if you live in central Pennsylvania.

Anyway, I have the same cart as you. I discovered the problem for me and it was not the cart (for me), it was the phono stage. I had a BAT PK-5. It was awesome before I moved into my new house. I tried everything to solve the problem (see my thread). The only thing that worked was to replace the BAT. I bought a Klyne System 6 phono amp. No more Oldies!!! I do not know much about how RF works but I know that hearing the oldies through your TT sucks. I am sorry to hear that you have the same problem.

The Vast Oldies Station Conspiracy continues....
Could be worse. Some people pick up radio stations on the amalgam fillings in their teeth.
Dirty contacts in the phono pickup wiring can cause this.In order to hear the audio modulation of the radio station RF signal you need a diode, and some corrosion products can serve this function. Also, make sure all the shields are well grounded. Check the phono preamp input impedance (resistor)...often 47K. Lower would be better.
I have no way to adjust the input impedence on my Classe preamp. There is only a switch: MM or MC. What I just noticed is that I can "tune out" the radio station by playing around with the positioning of the phono cable. Does this mean that perhaps a better phono cable might solve the problem? I am using the stock Van den Hul cable that came with my SME 309 arm.

I'll take Eldartford's advice and try cleaning off the contacts thoroghly.
I had the same problem and the problem went away when I switched phono sections; my Benz PP-1 for some reason filters out or has enough shielding that I no longer had the problem. Another option is to move; When I moved from NJ to GA we moved into a temporary apartment about 1 mile or so from this transmitting tower (as I soon found out when I hooked up my system and tried to play a record). When we bought a house, moving maybe 5 miles away from that location, the problem was gone. The 5 mile distance was enough to do it.
Back in central NJ I had a terrible time with some idiot that had a high-powered CB radio in his car or truck driving around talking in Spanish. Occasionally he would come screaming across the system all distorted right during a quiet passage and we would just break out laughing.