Please help ... Burmester 007 vs 077 ....


Can anyone help me figure out pros/cons of the Burmester Reference Line Surround Processor 007 vs the Burmester 077 Reference preamp? If you had a choice, which would you choose and why?

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Well, obviously you are a very smart and good looking person, otherwise why would you be asking about Burmester? Mathmatically, the 077 number is greater than 007, that should give you a clue. The 007 is a joke on James Bond movies:)
How perspicacious of you! Thanks.
Pleased to help!:) I have followed your progress in gear selection, and am mighty impressed with your progression towards the state-of-the art in music reproduction. Burmester is not for everyone, and many for that matter. But to those of us who "get" it, Burmester is quite spectacular. But, you already know this!
Hello Talk2me ;)

Thanks for your help and guidance!