please help BHSE or Stax 727 with Bel canto CD2...

Hello all,

I would appreciate your advise. I currently have a Bel Canto dac 2.5 with Stax SR-007 MKII headphone and a Stax SRM-323II amp (which, obviously needs to be updated!). I am trying to decide whether it would be a better investment to buy a Blue Hawaii SE (BHSE) or a Stax 727II AND add a Bel Canto CD2 and a Bel canto VB1 to use them with my DAC. I know, of course, that, by itself, the BHSE is much superior than the Stax 722II, but the excessive heat and size of it make me hesitate. Besides, I don't what to think about the whole package vs only the BHSE.

Thanks for considering this dilemma!


Sorry for the confused last sentence of my previous post! The question is whether I would be better of with the BHSE only, or with the Stax 727II AND the Bel Canto CD2 and VBS1.
better source or beter amp?

which is more important?

i ordered a BHSE back on March 1st. i finally heard one at RMAF in October. delivery is still a few months away.

i own a Stax SRM-717 myself, as well as O2 mK1 and 009 cans.

my opinion is that it's easy to find pretty good inexpensive digital sources; but if your agenda is to have state of the art performance then get the BHSE. the better digital source with the 727 will be fine; but the O2 mK2 cans are really good and the BHSE will allow them to sing. the fact that you cared enough to get the Stax O2 Mk2's speaks volumes.
Thanks Mike.

I think I'll go for it, especially since I was told by my Bel Canto sale person that I would't get much an improvement if I were to go for what I had in mind. A better way to upgrade my DAC would rather be by getting another DAC (the Bel Canto 3.5 for instance) or some Simaudio or Plinius CD player.