PLEASE HELP ASL Hurricane Blew Up? No Jokes Plz

Ok, I'm not sure what happened. But, I was in another room talking with my daugther when I heard a loud bang. I thought something dropped in my music room. I was concerned because I just put on an album (Police: Ghost in the Machine - I know, how appropriate right?) and everything sounded great.

When I returned, the left channel was dead quiet. I looked at the left monoblock and one of the tubes (KT88) was not glowing. So I replaced it with a spare KT88. The tube is glowing, but that didn't fix the problem. Still no sound.

Each of the tube slots 1-4 are reading -001 except for the slot for the tube that blew (VB2). It is reading -1. Slots 5-8 are reading -002.

I called a couple of shops, but no one has called me back yet. Does anyone have any suggestions? I love these amps and I can't afford to buy new amps. I would love to bring them to shop in Chicago, but the only shop that works on this type of equipment wasn't very helpful when I brought in my Jolida equipment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Call Divergent Technologies at 519-749-1565. They are the North American Distributor.
A loud explosion would cue me in to a blown cap or something else internal (probably easily replaceable). If it were just the tube that arced you may have also lost a fuse in the process, but given the explosion I'd take the advice above, or wait for one of your tech's to take a look at it.
Response Audio in NY.
I'm taking it into a local tech for help.

After reading throuh several threads (should have looked there first...sorry), I believe a cap blew when the fuse blew.I looked for an internal fuse, but I couldn't find one and the external fuse is fine. So, it can't be the fuse.

Bummer, but these amps are so amazing that having to deal with a flat tire every once in a while is well worth the drive.