Please help an aging, music deprived mom

Many (actually 18) years ago when I was back in England and didn't have children wanting to listen to "their" music all the time I had a system. A & R Cambridge A60 amp, Linn sondek LP12 turntable (don't remember the arm), Linn Index speakers with stands, Denon CD player (don't remember the tuner).

I then moved to USA - left behind the vinyl records and Linn turntable (temporary insanity I know). Ran the amp on a transformer for many years until it just fried. I do remember the deonon cd player died because my oldest daughter (bless her cotton socks) wanted to see how cheese would sound - I think we all know the answer to that!!

A tape deck found it's way to landfill after a second experiment by daughter number 1 was tried investigating the sound produced from a slice of apple (as if information from the first experiment wasn't enough - sigh). By the way smart children will always figure out any childproofing you try unless it's packaging stuff up and putting it in storage!!

To add insult to injury the movers just lost my speaker stands - another sigh!!

SO... I have my Linn Index speakers and a Marantz cd 67SE. I REALLY would appreciate advice on an amp and tuner. I'm rather inclined to go with vintage pieces (being a bit of a vintage model myself). I listen to classical, mainly piano and jazz (cd) and radio. This will be MY system (no Wiggles music will be played on this!!) in My space, a room about 20 X 15 X 8.

Valves, or solid?
Vintage or new? (not so keen on the too bright sound of most new)
Suitable replacement stands?
I'm willing to spend about $750 on an amp and $350 on a tuner - but would go a bit higher if convinced it would be worth my while.

I am swimming in indecision and would really appreciate advice in clarifying brands, models etc. This site has been so helpful in bringing me a little up to date, but I would like help narrowing down the choice.
Kayandemma (are you both reading this?) it's hard to make recommendations without knowing what you like. Everyone who answers this will tell you why their choice is the best and everyone elses sucks.

If I (see it's starting already) were looking for an amp in the $700 range I would look for an Aragon 4004 or a newer Rotel. I have owned the big brother to the 4004 and thought it a very good sounding amp which can be had for a decent price. I also owned a Rotel before that and it really didn't do anything wrong, and for the price...

See if you can't snag an older analog Luxman tuner. They work very well for the price.

All of those suggestions should be obtainable for less than you are willing to spend. Good luck, and lock up the apples!!!
Since it doesn't sound like you have a pre, I am going to suggest a Caiyin integrated at about $500 used, or $800 new and a Yamaha tuner T-85 maybe or T-2 and then get the tuner aligned. Should be able to get it in at your budget.
the indices and cd67se are good, competent performers and need a similar amp and tuner to get good, musical performance. don't forget about some quality wires--not to complicate your situation overly, just something to consider. as far as the amp is concerned, the new NAD C320BEE is an ideal choice IMHO. likewise, a good used (or new) NAD tuner will also suit your needs nicely (don't forget the aerial--sorry)

look to signal cable (on this site) for your interconnect and speaker cable needs) no affiliation.

you should be able to obtain all of this for well under your stated amount. if you are determined to spend more, i would put the remainder in a better tuner, or perhaps an upgrade power cord for the cd player. oh, and sound organization speaker stands are what i remember hearing the index on once upon a time.

FWIW i have listened to the apple and cheese sonata, and was not impressed either :-)

hope this helps a bit.
Look, apples sound bad no matter what year they were produced, but cheese on the other really depends on the cheese. I second NAD equipment and Signal cable. If you miss your Linn LP12, I saw one on the "Gon" a couple of days ago under $1000. I've owned my share of NAD along the way (I'm also an older, no make that veteran, experienced music lover) and the sound has always been very listenable and enjoyable if not spectacular. I make my children hurry and eat their food if I see them within 10 feet of my equipment!
I am not sure if it is exactly proper to recommend a particular person or store on this sight, (so sensor me if I am out of line), but I would recommend Kirt at echo audio ( ). He has a lot of quality used stuff there in his store, is familiar with the sound of a lot of components, and you can have a comversation with him on your taste and budget. (I have recommended him to evan my mom). This may be a quick and easy way to get you going.
As far as a better sounding apple, there is a fruit stand nearby that has all organic fruits and vegetables and uses no chemical pesticides. This may be better on your equipment as well. I would be happy to refer you....
How about a Linn Classik (75 watt integrated with tuner and cd player all-in-one)? Sell your Marantz 63SE and be happy. Simple is good, and if you choose you can always add a different preamplifier (Classik has pre-out jacks) or other sources as time goes on. You can find Classik's used for under $1000. Good listening, Jeff
A Creek integrated for drive. Maybe one of the 4330 MKII can be found at around $450 as well as any competent tuner, even a vintage Scott that has been aligned will give you music 'til other things might go.

PS: Unbelievable that others did not recommend the Audio Refinement Complete, which I had twice and sold. The last one had a strange lemon syndrome, shut down on me twice, with a loud buzz....asked the US and Canada rep for advice and they simply gave the run around saying "Oh, you are making it drive a load it was not designed for" Yeah right. I would stay clear from this highly rated unit.
For the amp I would go with a Linn Majik (about $500 on Audiogon) or Classik, which should fit really well with the Linn speakers. Creek would not be bad either. Im not sure wether the speakers will be an easy load for a tube amp.
The Classik of course comes with a tuner in the newer model. Otherwise I would just connect a Tivoli Audio Model One table radio to the amp. That one looks like a vintage model and on top of that has pretty good sound for $100 (i.e. if you don't mind mono and that you still have to turn an old fashioned know to find your favourite station). It can be used as table radio alone. I certainly like the one I have in my system as tuner.
I would second the idea of a used Luxman tuner, I had a T115 and thought the sound was great, and I've seen them for under $250 . I also second the concept of a Classik, while on remote assignment I used one of those for a year and was very well pleased. Also that year I went to a Michael's craft supply shop and purchased plaster of Paris columns to use as speaker stands. I filled them with expanding foam, being careful not to spray too much in at a time. The added a nice classical touch to my executive appartment.
I would recommend
1. NAD320NEE + NAD tuner + 2 pair Taralabs Interconnects)Tuner-Amp & CDP AMP) + Any Good Speaker cable. Needs only one remote for contrlling both
2. Linn Classik (Has a built in tuner/CDP/Clock etc) comes with decent Speaker cables as well..but may go over your Budget. But very well Worth it IMHO. you could always put your CDP for sale in Audiogon..67 tho good, cannot compare with the Classik

3. Any of the Linn Amps ..

My gut feel is to go for the Classik,,though a bit new and mordernistic..still has the Linn sound as well as smoothness. Hence may go well with the Linn Speakers !. also one remote to rule them all !

second choice is a Linn Amp and any NAD/Rotel tuner..but be ready to get confused by a plethora of remotes ;).Amp/Tuner/CDP

Good luck with decision making and do keep us updated on your final decision ;)
Look at for rebuilt vintage Scott gear. That may be your ticket.