Please help a rookie wire his sub

Please forgive my ignorance, but I really need some help. And though the equipment is not as high end as a lot of stuff around here, it's what I could swing at the time (before I learned the secret of the 'Gon classifieds) and is what I have to work with for now.

I have an Arcam AVR200 that I bought primarily for 2-channel listening and, at first, surround sound ht. It powers B&W 602 S3's, bi-wired. I also have the matching sub, but I had simply had it connected to the line level. I am now using the system only for two-channel and do not know how to connect the sub for stereo listening.

I have Kimber 8 PR speaker wire for bi-wiring. Do I just re-insert the terminal connectors on the mains and run one set of wires for each channel to the sub (bi-wire sub and mains so to speak)? Or do I have to buy more cables to run to all six terminals (four per channel on mains and two per on sub)? If I do, is there additional equipment I need to buy - splitters, etc? And, in either case, any recommendations for speaker wire upgrade?

Also, can you offer any advice about adjusting it? The B&W manuals arenot meant for ignoramuses like myself. Thanks a whole lot in advance.
I really believe there should be a pictorial guide on " The many ways to hook up a sub" sell it for $5.00 right here on Agon.
The AVR200 should run fine using line level for stereo listening but perhaps there is something I don't know about the AVR 200. Do you have "Pre Out" jacks on the back of the AVR? I have used the "Pre Out" RCA jacks on an integrated amplifier, pluged it into the sub L R line level with good results. Then you could contine to use your Bi-wire cables.

All the sub needs is for the signal to go from the source ( the AVR 200 ) then to the sub, no significant power is transfered since the sub has it's own amplifier ( You probably know that).

IF you wanted to use the High Level input to your sub you can run a set of speaker wires from your AVR, hook them up to the sub "High Level in" then run a set of speaker wires from your sub " High Level OuT" to the speakers. You probably couldn't use your Bi-wire cables then.

You can however continue to use your bi-wire cables for your 602's Connect an additional set of speaker wires to your AVR ( You have option of using spades or bare wire? ) I am assuming your Bi-wire cables are bannana plug variety? Connect the speaker wire to the high level on your sub but this time don't connect speaker wire from the sub to the speakers. Set the sub crossover to about 60hZ and you should be off and running.
The B & W 602 S3 I believe extends down to 53hZ so I would dial in the sub crossover to right around 60hZ or just a hair lower.
As far as speaker cable goes..we need a book for that one too.
good luck
Thanks for your reply. My understanding of the pre-out was that it was only for dedicated LFE tracks in digital 5.1 media, not 2-ch stereo.
If I understand the three options, the third one sounds like it gives me the most use from the sub in that I could control the crossover and have it work "with" the mains more than just "in addition to" by using the line level. And I can just connect spades to the same terminals in addition to the bananas for the cables for the mains?

I fully agree on the diagram/schematic idea. Seems like something that could be pinned in the forum.
There are 3 ways to use the sub for stereo.
1-use the sub out on the AVR and set the crossover where you like it. The AVR should have a decent crossover system.
2-If you truly are only using stereo, you just may get better performance by using the crossover in the sub. B&W did design it for their speakers to perform optimally. You still may have to play with the crossover frequency some but that's part of the fun.
3-Some folks will suggest running the pre-outs to the sub and run it independently. I totally disagree (my opinion only). When doing this, you tend to get too much overlap in the upper bass region where the speakers fade out and the sub takes over (60hz to 200hz?). It won't hurt anything to try all 3.