Please Help a Novice

I've had a Perreaux PMF1050 amplifier in storage for almost 10 years and now finally have the chance to bring it out and set it up again. However, I just discovered that the cap for the main fuse on the rear of the unit is missing.

There doesn't appear to be any simple way to remove the entire fuse casing and replace it with a new one, which was my first thought - at least for a novice such as myself. When I remove the cover from the unit the fuse casing is concealed underneath the circuit board and doesn't appear to be accessable. The other option, I assume, is to find another cap that fits and simply go with that...but I doubt if I'm that lucky...

Unfortuately, I really don't know where to look for such a part....especially for a unit that is 20 years old. Any advice greatly appreciated.

Try the Perreaux web site and contact their support department. They also have a users forum and you might be able to find someone who has spare parts.
Thanks, I emailed them and they kind enough to offer to send me a sample of fuse casings from their current model lineup. Hopefully, one will fit my amp. Nice guys there, got back to me the same day. Thanks for your reply.