Please Help

I'm new to this hobby. I have a Bel-Canto Evo 2i and need a cd player or dac/trans combo. I've done as much research as possible which explains why I'm totally confused.

I've been told by someone respected in the modifications industry that if I go with seperates he would recommend a better transport than DAC. I've been told the complete opposite by others. I've also had many folks tell me that a one-boxed player is the way to go for the money.

I've got about $1,500+ to spend and would prefer to buy a good used product. I listen primarily to aggressive music but Norah Jones and Bob Marley are also regulars.

My speakers are JmLab Chorus S and have not been broken in yet, therefore they are still a little bright. These may end up front speakers for Home Theater and a 2 channel speaker upgrade will probably be in my not to distant future.

Any help would be appreciated, as well as any recommendations regarding cables and power conditioners. I'm in the vibration and shock isolation industry so hopefully I'll be able to handle that end.

Thanks for any help.

naim audio makes excellent cd players. $1500 could get a cdx or cd 3.5 or cd5i used. all are very musical.
I would definately go one box at that price range, eliminating the need for a digital cable and maybe even a de-jitter device and additional digital cable. At that price there are lots of good options. are we talking DVD/CD or CD only or Universal (CD/DVD/SACD)?