Please help....

Dear Audiogon seller, can you please tell me whether you can use Fedex for sending a gear to my place? I'm in Burnaby (the city next to Vancouver) in Canada and my postal code is V5H 2X6 (or V5H 2X5). One seller said he couldn't and he is in US.

Here is FedEx's toll-free international customer service number. Probably best to ask them directly.
I am in Toronto,some(actually a lot)of Audiogoners prefer not to ship to Canada.Try
The seller in the USA has to have an account with FedEx to ship ground to Canada. However FedEx Air is a different matter, although UPS does not require the seller in the USA to have an account period to ship to Canada.
Take a look and calculate your shipping rates:

Fedex does not take the V5H 2X6 zip code as valid. However, V5H 2X5 is a valid code and you might want to give that to the seller.

Also, two more important point:

- clarify, who will pay for import duties (0-10%) and import taxes (GST+PST)

- Fedex Ground additionally charges brokerage charges up to $100 for a lawyer to process the import. For Fedex Express usually those charges are included.

Please educate yourself, so that neither you or the seller will be stuck with unexpected charges. A cross border transaction is more difficult and can be quite some hassle, but then sometimes it is worth it.

Best of luck,