Please grade my recent pick up

Just purchased PSB image T55 towers, Image C60 center, Image S50 for surrounds, Image B25 for Surround backs, and Paradigm PW2200 sub in great condition all for $850 on CL. Was this a good deal? I have a Pioneer VSX-1020k I purchased new almost 2 years ago running the show. Does anyone know how to tell what version the PW2200 is? I think it is the V2 but not 100%. Also what is the best way to wall mount the S50s, the bracket is missing? What is a good stand for the B25s? Primary use is HT. Need some ideas for what I should get next please.
You got a *smokin'* deal my friend!! You got almost $3,000 worth of speakers for under a grand - WAY TO GO!!

Sit back and enjoy them, you have a very nice HT system. If you need a Bluray player, consider buying an Oppo BDP-93. This will let you playback Bluray, DVD, SACD, DVD-Audio, CDs, MP3s, etc. AND you can stream almost any audio and video files now residing on your PC. You can find these for about $350 used right here on Audiogon or Videogon.

You made an excellent speakers purchase, adding the Oppo will give you a VERY nice HT system for very little money. Good on ya!!

What is CL?
Sorry I have an LG Blu-ray player, should have listed that in the first post but thanks for the reply. Awesome, I did little research here before the buy but wasnt completely sure about the value. Just jumped at the deal and hoped for the best. Thanks again!