Please explain VTA adjustment for Aries Scout.


I have an Aries Scout and read all threads regarding the subject of VTA adjustment for my TT in particular. Truthfully, I'm confuse now as ever. In the Scout manual it says that an initial VTA adjustment can be done by making the arm tube in parallel with the record. The Scout has a tapering arm, which is the reference point? Is it the tapered distal tube or the bigger proximal tube? When making sure that this "reference point" is in parallel with the record, is this with the cartridge installed and needle touching the record? Please help. Thank you very much.
I would start initally with the bottom of the cartridge body parallel to the record surface when the needle is in the groove playing a record.
Thanks Fefer77. I'll try that reference tonight.
Ditto on that if check again.On the 12.5 there is slot in head to use suplied rod to make measurement.If still not sure call up Mike at VPI and ask him if your are doing everyhting right.maybe he will have other tips on your set up.