Please explain Shunyata Python/Alpha lineup

Could anyone please explain Shunyata Python/Alpha (power cables) lines to me?

There were Shunyata Python, Python Alpha, Python Alpha Helix, Alpha NR, Alpha HC, Alpha VX, Alpha Z-tron etc. And from what I read it all sounded differently.

What’s the timeline for these models?

I am particularly interested in Python Alpha (red heat shrinks) - the sound signature, manufacture ages and how it compares to other Pythons/Alphas ?

Many thanks!



This might help:

Audio Federation - Shunyata Price List

It describes the differences between some of the cables you mentioned and that information may help you with the rest.

i think this is what a shunyata dealer should be really good at explaining

I have owner almost all of that vintage except for Diamondback. Did own a Copperhead as well. The Alpha series came later. From the Tiapan on up, I felt that it was the best value in the series lineup. I've sold all of my Shunyata cords now Recently replaced my Anaconda Helix for a Noteworthy Acoustics PC. More open and defined with increased transparency. The Anaconda was less of all that. Confused. I think that series of Shunyata outdated by today's standards.