Please explain Imports?

Hi Everyone,
Now that I have SACD capability, I'm constantly confronted with a choice between an expensive SACD and a really expensive import SACD. I'm pleading total cluelessness concerning the merits of Imports vs. Domestics? Are the Japanese imports significantly better and why please? I'm not a collector, I'm a toe-tapper. Which should I buy?
IMO the Japanese and to a somewhat lesser extent the Europeans have consistently had a higher demand for hi-res digital formats as well as for vinyl than we have here in the US (though vinyl is now making a significant comeback here as evidenced by among other indications, now having a Vinyl store within its music store). All that means more hi-res digital available overseas and those here in the US who want various titles in hi-res only have imports as an option. Are the imports worth their ever increasing price thanks to the weak $? In most cases the quality of the product is good (though I would be on the lookout for Chinese knock-offs. So what it comes down to is the transfer and the mix. In some cases the sound is different, better? maybe worse? maybe . It is a question of your preference. Given you said you are a toe-tapper and not a collector I would say if there is a domestic SACD and an import the difference in sound will be slight and subjective in most cases. If you throw in the difference in price you will probably go with the domestic and do just fine.
Another consideration is which master the imports are from. With an analog recording, my understanding is that the Japanese (for example) may get second or third generation masters.