Please Define: High vs low output moving coil

Tons of info on the relative benefits, but I can't find the actual definition of what range a high MC vs a low MC output are.  What exactly(ish) is the definition of low output??
the problem is defining medium output.

Low might be below 1.0mV
Medium might be 1.0mV to 1.5-1.75mV
High might be 2.0mV and above.
The lowest output MM carts are usually just above 2.0mV. A very rare item.

It’s an area of output, more than anything. 0.1mV to 1.0mV, kinda thing.

It’s notably about matching the gain of the preamp to the output of the cart. So their windows of dynamic ranging are as well matched as is possible.
Any high output mc works with a 47k load like a mm. No step-up device is needed!
The concept is that if there are fewer windings on the (moving) coil attached to the cantilever, then it is lighter and more sensitive. The price being lower output. As well as HOMCs, there are also low output MCs and very low output MCs.