Please Compare these mid 1990's SS amps.

Hello everyone,
I am considering the following amps. It will be used with an ARC LS 16. Cables are Alpha Core silver, and speakers are Sonus Faber Grand Piano. (first version)
Over the years I have listened to each of these amps, but I cannot specificly remember their respective strengths and weaknesses. Your collective memories would be very helpful.
Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Aragon 8008 ST
ARC D-300
Forte 4A
Of those amps, it would be between the 400MKII and the Forte 4A. I'd go with the 400MKII, which was a fine amp in its day and is still one of the better solid-state amps. If you don't need 200 watts per channel, the Forte 4A would also be a good choice, but the ARC will give you better bass extension and a more effortless presentation with virtually no drawbacks. The Aragon isn't nearly as refined as the Forte or the ARC 400MKII. I've never heard the D300, but the ARC dealers I know weren't all that impressed with it.
Have not heard the 300, if you push me hard I would go for the Forte (Class A), but please consider room size since it is not that powerfull.