Please assure me I'm not going to burn my house down.

I recently bought some new mono class D amps to replace a stereo class D. I had a pair of identical diy power cords connected to the stereo amp and my preamp.

Well, with monos I was obviously going to use the identical power cords. So I needed a new PC for my pre, as the older diy version I had laying around just used thhn wire from Lowe’s and didn’t sound great. So, after some thought and research, I decided to make a PC out of cat 5 plenum cable. I kept it in its blue sleeve (containing 4 twisted pairs) and then I braided 3 lengths together for each conductor. I then took those three braids and braided them. What I have sounds incredible and I’m fairly confident that it is safe electrically.

Please reassure me. Or tell me I forgot about x, and that I should cease and desist. Or laugh at how cheap I am...

But really, I’m not going to start a fire here, am I? 8 conductors per length x 3 lengths for each conductor equals 24 strands of 24awg. Which equals 10awg for each conductor...
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@tablejockey  that's gotta be the dodgiest looking cable I've ever seen.

May I recommend above :-)

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yeah, it came with a modded CD deck. I was hesitant to use it. Apparently they have sold many over the years without disaster. Thought it lived up to its claims, but I moved on. I use the ribbon interconnects, which also are flimsy and delicate.

 Definetly wouldn't have kids or pets near it. 
@pbnaudio ha! 
Bad idea. Even if you don't want to go big time with power cables, get a little scratch together for something decent, something that won't invalidate your home insurance if a fire breaks out, like these: