Please advise: Upgrade Theta Gen V or PS Audio PW

I have a Theta Gen V version A balanced with the known transformers hum issue. I am debating about send it to be modded to eliminate the issue and improved farther the sound or sell it and buy a new PS Audio Perfect Wave since I don’t want to spend more then $2,500 in a new DAC.

The Theta is in mint cosmetically condition and sounds as intended it is just the little electromechanical hum created by the transformers that bothers me. I have been told that this is a know issue with Theta equipment.

So what do you recomment?
Have you tried using the PS Audio Humbuster III on your Theta?
No I have not. But I have talked to two different people that work on DAC reapring and modifying and both have said that is a known issue that can be reduce (As I did) but not eliminated.

One of them mentioned the humbuster as a potential solution but was not sure it it would work. He balmes the issue to the kind of transpormers used and the proximity of each other in the design letting them magnetically coupled.
I have tried the PS audio Humbuster (within the UPC-200HB) on my Theta Gen Va and I still had the hum, which did not change. It isn't very loud on my DAC, so I just live with it. I can only hear it very late at night, and even then, it is slight from the listening position (around 7 feet away).
Thanks Jfeldt.
That is the same with mine. I did a lot of chassis and cover damping and I also decoupled the power supply boeard from the chassis mounting posts with some rubber isolators. All that minimized the noise and I can only hear it if I get about 2 to 3 feet from it.
:) yeah, frustrating still, I know. I've wondered if balanced power would help. If you ever find a solution, please let me know.
your joking right! Ps Audio Perfect Wave all the way!
i agree Worldcat. these two piece's are not even in the same league. spent alot of time with the Theta a few years ago. a good friend had one. the Gen V was a nice DAC in it's day but it's lightyears behind what the PWD can do. repaired, modded and with ice cream on top.....the PWD will smoke it imo (as will many good/modern DAC's). don't waste any $$$ on the Theta.