Please advise - power for TUBE amp?

I know that similar questions been asked before, but I can't find the same scenario:
I've recently switched from ss amp to tube 300B SET amp.
I kept all my SS gear ON - 24/7.
What is the best way to do it for the tube amp?
If I listen for an hour, than I have to stop for a couple of hours - is it better for the amp and for the tubes if I leave it ON without any music playing (I know that for class A - this is when it's going to get hottest) or should I turn it OFF? What will stress tubes more - 2 hours of idle power or an extra switching?
I don't care about few extra $$ for the utility bill, but I do care for the longer life of the 300B tubes ($200 for a matched pair of JJ) and a better performance.
As always, all responses are greatly appreciated.
I don't know about your specific amp but my BAT VK-75SE takes a couple of hours to properly warm up. So I usually leave the amp on if I will be listening to it shortly. Otherwise, I turn it off (overnight, go to work, out of town, etc...).
I'd guess it depends on the amp and circuit design, but from what I understand turning tubes on and off does put stress and wear on the tubes above and beyond leaving them on. Obviously if you leave them on for several days without listening that point is moot. The best advice I've read is; if you plan on listening on and off for a few days, leave them on 24/7. If you know you won't be listening over a period, turn them off. My 300B SET's sound best after about 2-3 hours of warmup time. I don't notice much of a difference after that. YMMV.

Normally, the worm-up of tube amp to the tube's specified operation parameters is much faster than for transistors. Tubes to some degree don't need to reach certain temperature of operation since they're not depended as much on the temperature as transistors but unlike transistors, they need to be mandatory wormed up before passing an input signal to avoid its short life.
If you plan to stay home and listen to the music, than keep it on. Turn off when you go to sleep or out of home. It'll save tube life and electric bills. If you give 20...30 min of worm-up before passing an input signal, it can be considered as normal for tubes. Non sufficient worm-up time may result on large difference in tube's operation characteristics that maybe distructive and shortening the tube life.
I power up my (tube) rig as soon as get home from work and power it off before going to bed. I leave it powered off if I expect to be out 3-4 hours or more.
I am uncomfortable leaving a tube amp on whin I am not in the house. I would not change back to SS but, I do have a smoke detector hanging just above my set-up....