Please advise on Yamaha T-7000 tuner

Just bought a Yamaha T-7000 sight unseen from Kevin at Upscale Audio. I bought it to have some fun with FM without a real big investment. I don't have it yet, but want to tap the knowledge this group might have on this tuner. Since it is two decades old I would appreciate any tips or advice on things to update, look at, or master technicians to recommend?
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Do you mean the CT 7000 tuner. The CT 7000 is the best tuner ever built. I have one. This tuner sounds so smooth and sweet. Plus the tuning knob is very light and flys across the dial. How much did you get the tuner for. It goes for like 650 to 750 used.
I did mean CT-7000. Actually this is a CT-7000B for black faceplate and I got it for $709 including shipping. Any other tips?
If the CT 7000B breaks. The best guy to fix it is, Richard Modafferi. When you get the tuner, tell me how you like it.
You have just bought one of the all-time classic tuners. Ensure you get the best antenna rig you can install to get the best out of this beauty. Happy listening, regards Richard at
Twilo, thank you for the tip on Richard Modafferi's name. Do you know and could you please send me his phone number or address or e-mail. My e-mail is I appreciate Richard and your comments on this tuner and must admit that I am excited about the possible FM enjoyment it can provide. We have some decent Jazz FM stations in the SF BA, but only one specially classical.
gerrym5, yule love the tuna, if it's half what it's cracked-up to be - i have an excellent tuna (onix bwd1 w/soap p/s), & i can ackshullu do serious listening to quite a bit of music!

enjoy!, doug