PLease advice on Trivista SACD vs. Audio Aero Cap

I am looking to upgrage my dig. source.
Currently Use:
Sony scd-777es
Tri-Vista 300 Int.
Sonus Faber Extremas

All Ensemble FSF Cables.
I never heard hear the Audio Aero, but I did own the Tri-Vista SACD Player and would say that it is a great CD Player with a sound stage and imaging that is full and deep. But like a fool I traded it for a Mark Levinson 390s, because I wanted something that matched the rest of my system. That was a BIG mistake, a very BIG mistake. The 390s just can not hang out with the Tri-Vista IMHO. And I’m only talking red book CDs.

If I could make a deal for another Tri-Vista, I would in a heart beat.
As a former Audio Aero Capitole MK II owner, I loved the player. I have sold it and moved into the EMM Labs equipment and my system is so much better thanks to the change.