PLC Sound Application vs Hydra

Anyone been comparing these two wonderful product sound application cf-x, cf-xe again powersnake hydra.
I have owned both. The CF-X is clearly better than the Hydra, the Hydra is muffled and dull against the CF-X. You might like the Hydra as long as you don't compare it to the CF-X. Be careful that the CF-X you would get is at least the 700 series, as the older models are not as good as the newer models. Word has it that the 1600.00 Audio Magic Stealth conditioner is better than the CF-X
My listening tests were consistant with Ejlif. The CFX is clearly better than the Hydra in recreating the more believable performance between the 2 conditioners. Still, the CFX is not the last word in creating a realistic performance as far as conditioners go...

Enjoy the Music did a review of these three units here: