PLC advice on API vs Richard Gray vs VansEvers?


I'm in desperate need of purchasing a Power Line Conditioner. The Unusual Suspects are Vansevers Ref 850, Richard Gray 400 mkII, & some of the API units.

I would like to hear from others who have used Vans & Grays units. As these are the 2 I'm really shooting towards.

Or can the 2 be used together, as the Gray 400 unit really do not qualify as a true PLC???

And what is a Sub Station that Richard Gray makes???

Thanks in advance.
Bi amp gurl,

What led you to narrow your list to these three? Have you considered any of the PS Audio products?

What kind of gear do you have?

Take your time and search the archives...
Hmmmmm.....looks like you are band-aiding your problem rather than fixing it at the source!
Before you buy any power conditioner, check out your power source & cabling to your audio outlets. Going to Home-Depot & getting THHN wire for dedicated lines, paying for an electrician to do the job, getting decent duplex outlets will probably cost you less than a good power conditioner & will probably obviate the need for one. The improvements from this alone can be stunning!
IMHO, every power conditioner that I have tried & heard has a sonic signature of its own that you might or might not like (& I didn't like a power conditioner imposing itself on my music). I use the RG 400 Mk1 but it has *only* the CDP & TT connected to it. The amps & pre go straight into the wall & I wouldn't have it any other way.
If you are hell-bent on getting a power conditioner (God help you + you are quite misinformed!) look at some serious ones. One reco are the Equi=tech products.
Of course, JMO. YMMV.