Playstion one audiophile stereophile review

After reading review on stereophile on playstation one, I brought 2 same Model number 1001. They sound so transparent and details on vocal that my Sony sacd 777ES does not show. I borrowed different model number 5001 and 7001 from my friends and they sound not much different 1001. The different model number 1001 and others are the RCA output jacks comparing to
proprietary A/V multipin (yellow, red, and white). You should try to buy playstation one and comparing with your CD current source.
Mine really does sound great, best $15 I ever spent. Lots of mods and stuff if you search, mine is stock. Love the cheese factor, the look on my friend's faces when they hear my super cheapo system.
I built some speaker cables the search leads you to. I have more time than money these days.
Got mine for $30. And, with an ugraded fuse and power cord, it smoked my Rega Jupiter 2000.
Better to go with a new DAC if you really want to see how good redbook can sound, and then you can go beyond with digitizing your collection into lossless files and try high res files and move beyond the whole silver disc thing.
I have 2..and IMO they are just average,sounding about the same as my old player I retired in the early 1990s.If you think these "smoke" you havent heard a real great player!
The D/A converter on playstation one is high end like $5000 D/A converter CD player but if upgrade the power supply they will sound more increable and unbeatable price VS $5000 CD player. I tried playstation two and three they sound like cheap CD player. Note: version two or three is better since CD reader more stable than version one.
The D/A converter on playstation one is high end like $5000 D/A converter CD player but if upgrade the power supply they will sound more increable and unbeatable price VS $5000 CD player

You must spend alot of time in Humbolt co
10-26-11: Sanjose_audio_guy
"The D/A converter on playstation one is high end like $5000 D/A converter CD player"

Really? Which $5000 CD player would that be?
Dude. The PS1 is a low end 16 bit cheapo DAC that ain't anywhere near the state of any art since about 1986. Agree w/ Sebrok and Missioncoonery. Send some of that Humbolt my way....
LOL...Yea it cracks me up when I read what all these guys are doing spending bucks for mods and upgrades to this THANG..Cant make a silk purse out of a sows ear!!!!
I too have listened to them before, and agree with the above 3 posts.... It sounded soft, lacking in detail and at best, "never harsh" would be its only selling point.
On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it a "3" only because it is is never bright, forward or edgy. Some of the inexpensive Oppo players out there in the $100-$200 range do things much better. Some people say the PS1 has an "analog" sound to it, but I would disagree, calling it soft and non-detailed.
No argument to all of you. You should read stereophile review and see how they test and compare to other CD players. For me 16 bit still sound better than 24 bit but if you buy cd player more than 2K, maybe they sound great. Depends on your taste, budget, and your system, I like playstation one more than Sony SACD 777ES and enjoy it as brought $50.
Swanny I would think twice about knocking NOS DACs. The DAC in my $15k system uses "cheapo" 16-bit chips as well.

As for the PSX, I happen to find the sound very pleasing, and I do think it's a matter of taste. Some may find it soft, round, and lacking detail, but there are many good and expensive CDPs, DACs, speakers, amps, preamps, etc. that could be recognized as such. I suspect if I listened to the CDP of somebody who thinks the PSX is a 3/10 I would probably find his system to be bright, hard, and thin.

And speaking from experience, mods can make a tremendous difference with this unit and add a LOT of extension.
As compared to my cheap Oppo, the PS1 is ultimately more enjoyable to me. The Oppo does present more detail, but this more explicit presentation is not as "musical" to me.
I would consider minor power supply upgrade, but lets face it, the thing cost me $15! Not looking for or claiming it beats out -anything else-, just think it sounds great.
I'm not the kind who thinks that higher tech/parts quality/price always means better sound. Sometimes cheap stuff just falls together to make results beyond the sum of it's parts.
Overall I don't find the sound as detailed as some, but not lacking. Also, it delivers a richness of sound that some players miss. Of course all opinions are based on a couple of humble systems I have used it in.