playstation 3 blueray and 1080i

I bought a 50" Pioneer elite plasma (1080i) last year
I sit 10' away and have excellent resolution with upsampled dvds.

I'm considering getting a ps3 for my son ($600) that would also do blueray. I here they now have a remote (don't have to use the controller) and it now upsamples

anyone have one and want to comment on it's video and audio

also how much am I loosing in 1080i versus newer 1080p

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hi tom the ps3 is a great blu ray player. the sound is great if you get a fiber optic cable such as the audioquest optilink 5.

I notice a huge difference between 1080i and 1080p but I bet some will disagree.
I understand PS3 has released an upgrade to 1080P
Does the ps3 even output in 1080i yet? Early versions only did 1080p and 720p.
yes it outputs in all formats. I watch my blu rays in 1080p
I got mine about two weeks after launch and it outputed in 1080i. Sony is constantly doing upgrades.
Does it output 1080i through the component outputs or only the hdmi output?
It doesnt have component just hdmi.
Brilliant Sony. So the HI-SCAN CRT SONY televisions they sold without HDMI are not compatible with their flagship gaming system/ blue-ray player.