Playing Ripped CD's

After ripping CD's to my imac computer what do I need to do to get a complete album to play all at one time rather than what mine is doing, playing one song from the album I chose and then jumps randomly to another album and plays one song before it then switches to another album and plays one song.

Can anyone help me rectify this.???
Which media player are you using? You probably have it set to "shuffle".
Shuffle just plays the songs out of order. You've got to first get them all playing together.
I assume you're using iTunes. Select all the songs together, then hit play. So, either hold down the Shift key, click the first and last song of the album with your mouse, the rest in between the first and last should all be highlighted. Then hit play. Or, select songs one by one with the Ctrl key, then play.
Thanks all of you for the advice. It' ok now.


Shuffle works two ways in iTunes. You can turn Shuffle on or off at the bottom left of iTunes below the now playing album art box.