Playing iPod thru car system?

Hi Y'all,
How can I play my iPod thru my car stero system? My friend plays his thru a headest connection, I don't have that type of connection. Any ideas? thanks.

Joe in Mobile
if your head unit has cd changer controls, you can usually use that input. for 200+ audis DICE electronics makes a nice integration piece, that is what I use and it not only sounds better than bluetooth, I have steering wheel control fo the ipod.
May have to get a newer multimedia head unit that has iPod kit. The newer head units have as USB input.
I just went through that myself.My car unit didn't have inputs and I bought a usa-spec device from is awesome some installation is required ,nothing complicated though.Check to see which model fits your car.
Best of luck
The only options I know of that don't involve replacing or adding auxiliary equipment to your existing system are either an FM transmitter that connects to the iPod and plays through your FM radio or, if you have a cassette deck in your car, a cassette tape adapter that plugs into the iPod's headphone jack.

The FM transmitters do work, at least some of them do, but require you to change FM frequencies if you drive within range of a station using that frequency. Whether or not it's worth the trouble depends a lot on where you live and how crowded the FM band is. I've had good luck with a Kensington unit.
I second Lapierre's suggestion about getting a new head unit, unless you have changer controls in which case you can do the add-on devices which give you an auxiliary input. I've used several FM transmitters and the best I've used is the HK Drive+Play which has a really nice big display that you can mount on your dash which is similar to the Ipod menus. It is still FM-based, however, so an auxiliary input or USB input is going to give you a much higher quality sound.
If you don't have an integrated iPod kit where it is controlled through the LCD touch panel via firewire it just becomes annoying to turn the "pod" on and off.

At first I was okay with this interaction but later as I used it more and more I quit fumbling with it as I exited the car.
I bought a $30 gadget at Bestbuy that connects to the ipod and transmits a tiny FM signal that you receive on your car stereo tuner. You set both at any frequency where you don't have a station transmitting. The ipod must be very close to your antenna or signal is really staticy. For example, with ipod in my center console, sound sucks. When I place the ipod in the overhead eyeglass compartment, signal is fine. Not elegant nor hi fidelity, but worth considering...Cheers,
if your car has a cassette player, by all means get a cassete adaptor w/a mini jack (less than ten bucks at walmart) and use that. the sound quality will be immeasurably better than the FM-modulated type connections.
Hi Y'all,

Thanks for all of the ideas. I went and bought a Phillips cassette adapter that incl a charger for my ipod for $20 at Walmart today. I gave it a quick spin and it sounded great. I will keep my fingers crossed but the outlook is promising. Instead of carrying alot of cd's I'll just load up my ipod touch.
My next hurdle is update my home theater system and then try to use my ipod to play through that. I am waiting on the parasound halo c3 or hdp 70 reviews when they come out. I understand they will have the ability to connect an ipod directly. Hope so. take care.

Joe in Mobile
Glad you found something to work for you. I believe there are also some kits that make it possible to use the AUX option (if your car's stereo system has that) in order to plug the ipod in.