Playing fine presses with an unknown cart

Well i'm still researching and waiting to purchase my new TT. In the meantime I have purchased some expensive quality pressings. My old Technics has never really been maintained or upkept. Being new to the anolog scene, I am shall we say rather excited to play my new purchases. My question is; Can I damage the new vinyl with my old cart? Is there anything I could do to "revamp" the cart while I wait for my new TT? Last but not least, do I just wait out the few weeks for my new TT and preamp or will I be able to hear a big difference with my old set up since these are quality albums? Thanks, Brian
I'm pretty sure one can damage vinyl by playing it with a damaged stylus.

Now, you have to determine how bad is your stylus worn or mis-shapen.
Tough it out. If you play them on your current table, you'll always wonder if you did any damage, even if no damage was done at all.
Waiting for the known is best.
You can also go to your local audio store and buy a $200 new cart/stylus and save it as a back up. I would not play your fine LPs too many times with the cheapy, but you know it's not damaged.
Damage can definitely result from a worn stylus and/or incorrect cartridge alignment.

It is irreversible.

Patience is a virtue; play some of those shiny silver things.
Agree with the other responses. Clean the new records while you wait (yes, even new vinyl must be cleaned). It will feel like you're playing them but you won't be doing any damage!

If you MUST be impatient, replace the stylus on that old rig or at least make sure it's perfectly clean. Play some old records first to test that VTF and other setup parameters are correct. A mistracking stylus can destroy a record with a single play, no point experimenting on the expensive stuff.