Playing Classic HDAD/DAD from a server?

I have a Dac that can play 24/96 and 24/192 files. When I tried to play a classic records DAD, it did not play.My question is, is there some way of getting the 24/96 or 24/192 data onto my server which will then allow me to play the files through the DAC. In such a circumstance, what player does one use ( I currently use Foobar for my CD files)
You need a DVD player that can output a 24/96 signal to effectively use your DAC with a Classic DAD, a CD player won't read the disc. I know because that's why I had to get one (an older Marantz unit). I would therefore think that you need a disc reader that can read a DVD to get it onto your server, and then I'm not sure if it can get all 24 bits for you or whether your server could output the 24/96 signal. Hopefully the computer audio guys know what would work here.