Playing CDRs on a Sony SCD-777ES

Anyone managed to play CDRs on a Sony SCD-777ES ?

If so, what CDR media did you use?

Many thanks
If your 777es is anything like my 9000es (I would venture to guess "yes"), then I may have a solution for you. I also thought that my 9000es would not play CD-Rs based on the research that I've done on the threads here and elsewhere.

It turns out (kudos to George Louis of RCCD fame for this) that I have been successful in 9 out of 10 burns, using Maxell's MusicPro CD-Rs. These are mfg'ed by Taiyo Yuden in Japan, and are a bluish green color. George said these were decent for sonic quality.

I bought mine at Walmart.

If you try it out, let us know...
I have an SCD-1 and have player various CDR's on it. My recent brand are some philips cheap-o's. Not sure what your question is asking? Is it concerning your inability to play some or all CDR's on your 777es?

I have had no problem with any brand of CDR on my 777 - except when it needed its cleaning/alignment (once in 4 years of owning it).