Playing Acetate records

what equipment does one need to play acetate records? I have a perfect condition 12" acetate from 1945 that I would like to play or at least transfer to hi-res digital. I have a VPI scoutmaster, dynavector cart and grado 78 mono cart.
I had a mastering deck that cut acetate. If I remember the stylus had to be pretty soft, some like a birds feather.
I could be wrong, but I believe that I read that they used to use cactus needles for the stylus, back in the old days.
The "cactus needle" is actually more like balsa wood.It is used in the gramophone era playback.The sound is direct to the horn.No recording possible,except of course open mike.Why wouldn't you use your VPI/Grado combo?If the VPI will spin 78RPM.The EQ of the Acetate is most likely not RIAA.I believe KAB USA has some pre-amp EQ options available.