Player without preamp

Friends, earlier this year I went through a bit of a saga. Bought a Halcro MC20 and Atma-sphere to power new Cambridge Audio 840c and Newform Balance speakers. But there was a feedback gremlin that I just could not eliminate. After following all the suggestions made by forum members and the Atma-sphere folks, I gave up. Hooked up my old Marantz/Ah Tjoeb player directly to the amp and have been moderately satisfied. No feedback, but not the amazing sound I was getting from the combination of componants - save for the feedback. So I am now thinking that I might dispense with the pre-amp altogether and go with a player that has a volume control, just as the Marantz does. Would be rather nice to get a player that has the opportunity to roll tubes. Suggestions for such a rig (with or without tubes).
Many thanks,
Depending on your budget, you may go for Audio Aero Capitole mk II (~$4000), Resolution Audio Opus 21 (~$2400) or one of the many Wadia CDPs.