player vs. seperate dac / transport?

hey - I am considering either getting the Wadia 861se and have the GNSC statement upgrade done or get the Zanden DAC and a seperate transport- any thoughts-K
Try giving the Audio Aero Capitole Mark II a listen. I was thinking of what you want to do and then I found the AA. It does it all.
I prefer the concept used in the Zanden DAC (I have Audio Note). So far no one-box player made today uses this design so your only choice is the seperates. Make sure you get a good transport. I like the Accustic Arts Drive 1. the AN transports are good too.
I saw that Jim from Avantgarde is now the US dist. for Zanden. I hope that a dealer in Chicago picks up the line. I really would like to audition the DAC.
go the direction you suggest with the Wadia 861 se and having the statement modification you won't be sorry I assure you
Budrew, the Accustic Arts drive is pretty good, but it was beaten up by a hot rodded G&D Transforms UTP-1 here recently......My point is these old G&Ds can be found for 1K or so and, with a new laser most will need, they are competitive with the current Ikons.....Oh, the retail on the Accustic Arts just rose to over 5K recently from just over 3K so it is no bargain......
Wow, I'm surprised at the new price of the AA Drive 1. That's a hefty
jump! I would not pay that much for it; I got a great deal in the first
place, far below the previous MSRP. I know there are some sleeper
transports out there. Who mods the G&D?
G&D Transforms took a cheap Pioneer and modified it into the G&D UTP-1.....They have been out of that business for five plus years, but they made over a hundred units which keep popping up on audiogon from time to time......Sean stocks new lasers which are about $65 or so and you can normally pick up a good used UTP-1 for just under $1,000........Lots of folks here have the G&Ds including Sean, Rhyno, JBM, Audioessential and Jonathan Tinn's Dad :-)