Player/Transport best mated with AMC DAC8

Does anyone have any experience with an AMC DAC8? If so, what player/transport worked out well with it?

I keep hearing about the Pioneer DV-563a and 578a working very well as transports - do you guys have any additional thoughts?

I have an AMC DAC8. I run it with a CD8b player using the digital output. I tried the DAC8 with my TEAC T1 transport and it worked fine. I think you could just go for the best transport you can find--you can always upgrade the DAC later.

One thing to be sure to do: link the units with a cable that is 1.5 meters long. Shorter is worse, with digital.
I've read about the digital cable length on positive feedback. I tried it and found it actually caused a halo effect of images using a 1 meter cable compared to a shorter .5 meters on my transport.You may want to experiment and see which sounds the best for your particular transport and Dac. Especially if planning on using the Pioneers, since this is is the type of transport I tried the experiment on. I don't know if the Super Clock 3 had anything to do with it or not.

The shorter cable offered better definition and no ghosting in comparison to the longer cable.
My comparison of digital cable length used a 1-meter length versus a 1.5-meter length. The 1.5-meter length was clearly superior, and image clarity and stability was one improvement. If the longest cable in your test was only a meter, you may not be aware of the potential benefit to be had.

It doesn't have to be expensive to do a test. I used Apogee Wyde Eye and made up the cables myself. For a similar result, under controlled conditions, see the upcoming issue of UHF Magazine.
I understand where your coming from Tobias. Common sense leads me to believe .If the shorter cable was better than the longer in my system.Why would I go to even a longer cable? My test was just as conclusive. I heard the difference immediately after restarting the system.I wanted the longer cable to be better but it wasn't. I'm sure the results vary from combination to combination. Also my Dac uses no analog or digital filters. I'm not technically sure if this made a difference or not either.