Playback or Recording

Five seconds in on "Don’t Know Why", Norah Jones hits some high notes on her piano. On my system, these notes sound ’hot’. With some cable swapping, these notes tone down, but the overall dynamics soften as well. Are these ’hot’ notes an artifact of my system or the recording? This is playing the CD. How does it sound on vinyl?
sounds like you are exceeding the dynamic capabilities of either your player or even your system making it yell at you.
I have warm sounding speakers and headphones.  Headphones are driven by different portable USB DAC.  I played (computer, CD rip) this song pretty loud on both and cannot detect hot piano notes.  High piano keys are vivid, but natural.  It might be room acoustics issue.
kijanki - Thx for taking the time to test on your two systems. On mine, the high piano notes don’t distort, they’re just ’hot’. This anomaly doesn’t occur on any other piano music - or any other music at all for that matter. Obviously, this is a case for Colombo. Ha!