Playback Designs MPS-5 related question....

What do I do If I just bought a Bryston BCD-1 and whilst being very impressed with it, have just discovered the Playback MPS-5???
Obviously the Playback is in a different league, but do I accept the loss in selling the Bryston and go over budget and get the MPS-5? Or just accept that the Bryston is a fine machine and forget that the Playback ever existed??
A few comments might help my sanity or reasoning...(As I can't discuss this one with the master of the house if you know what I mean)
Unless you can truly afford to take the loss and go (WAY, you forgot to add) over budget, accept that you'll be envious for a while, keep the Bryston and wait for a Playback Designs to show up on the used market at a decent price. Remember, there's always something "better" showing up these days in the digital arena, and I'm sure Playback Designs is not completely resting on its laurels and is probably cooking up a Mark II or something like that; maybe that's the one to wait for?

Of course, I should talk! I was in your position in the past (early 1990s) with my preamp, and stretched to get my dream Jadis JP80MC, which I happily held on to for over 13 years. However, in that case it was pretty clear that preamplifier technology wasn't changing as quickly as digital technology is, and that the Jadis was not about to be made obsolete or dated any time soon (hey, it was already based on an old design itself). So I don't know if stretching at this point is worth it in the digital arena.

Of course, all of this is out the window if you really do have money to burn!
Did you audition the MPS-5 yet? If not, then it's only better in your head for now.
FYI, the Music Playback DAC is software upgradeable, sooo the mkII line of thinking doesn't really apply. You simply download the latest algorithms and wah-lah :)
" Music Playback DAC is software upgradeable, sooo the mkII line of thinking doesn't really apply."

Yes and no. Time to time the company must change hardware and if I need to send my unit to them once per 3-4 years - its fine.

The problem is when they introduce "next generation" and your unit cannot be upgraded. I wonder yout thought on the sugject with this company (Tinn etc) ?

The problem is when they introduce "next generation" and your unit cannot be upgraded. I wonder yout thought on the sugject with this company (Tinn etc) ?

I guess I don't get your line of thought. So you are saying that it is a problem because in 1- 2 years there may be a hardware upgrade and you don't want to send it in? Sorry, but this line of thought would have precluded me from buying my iPhone, my computer the navigation system being installed in my car...just about ANY Audio Research Corp piece of gear (which actually it did preclude me from buying LOL :).

I mean its tech and tech changes, but I seriously doubt that there will be any major hardware changes in the next yer or 2.., I mean most people have barely figured out how to get 24/96 out of there computer...

If when they produce "next generation" as you put it, do what most people do (if you have to have the "next generation") sell the current gen and buy the new gen.

I have had minimal contact with JTinn but I have always found him to be honest and forthright and even when I mentioned competing products such as the AMR gear he has never had a bad or negative thing to say. That is more than I can say for some of the clowns I have had contact me trying to sell me modified Blu Ray players (for ridiculous prices) without disclosing their know who you are.
Camali...I agree with the comment that you should audition the PD MPS-5 before assuming it is in a different league. I would also say that partly it depends on the rest of your system (i.e., how resolving the rest of your system is to allow you to hear the performance difference between the BCD-1 and MPS-5). It could be that the MPS-5 is a slight upgrade from the BCD-1 in your current system but miles better if you upgrade amplification, speakers, wiring etc...In which case if you bite the bullet and buy the MPS-5 that might trigger a whole upgrade/spend cycle in the rest of your system. I am just making assumptions since I don't know what the rest of your system is. Just giving you my thought process. Finally, ofcourse economics come into play as well and that call you can only make in the context of your personal finances. Good luck.
Wait. We're all destined for a computer/music server for digital playback, eventually, which is all about the dac. Plus, once you factor in the cost of pleasing the master of the house after you've bought it... a new car or kitchen or whatever could dwarf the cost of a cd player.
Thanks for your responses. Well the system its in was a big upgrade as I hadn't been able to do one for years.
It consists now of a Musical Fidelity Primo preamp, AMS50, Bryston Bcd1 and Focal Scalas, Kimber Select speaker cable/Dan a digital(australia)interconnects. The Scalas and Primo/ams50 have not broken in yet and whilst I don't think the Bryston is a weak link, its definately the first unit that I'd upgrade.
I will try and audition them together but really, thanks for all your incisive thoughts.
Focal Scalas! You're already in it deep. Go for the Playback MPS-5 and treat those Scalas and yourself...
Hello Audiofun:

I mentioned that " Time to time the company must change hardware and if I need to send my unit to them once per 3-4 years - its fine". However, some companies introduce "next generation" that old unit cannot be upgraded to. Many examples.

On other hand soem companies have policy of "constant" upgrade e.g. Spectron amps, Theta DACs etc

My question was if you believe that PD will go via one mode or another?

Small and may be not highly relevant example is use of UPS port for 176/24 and 192/24 signals will require software and may be minor hardware upgarde. On other hand, if they decide to upgarde their units to Blue Ray and there will be available hi-fi BR discs for us to buy and enjoy music - it would be MAJOR hardware upgrade involving complete change of the VOSR Esoteric transport.

Other manufacturer's should take note of Andreas and Jonathan. There's no one better out there. I can pick up the phone any hour of the day and speak to either of them. Hey have bent over backwards to accommodate my friends and I.
The PD MPS-5 is the best player/DAC that I have ever used... period!
Just remember.... it's easier to ask for forgiveness that to ask for permission!

Great response! Think I might just buy it based on your comments!!


Why would you put a CDP before your relationship with your wife? Once she finds out you made a purchase that large without discussing it will the CDP still have it's luster?
You already have a respectable CDP. If you want to upgrade save a little each month until you have enough to pay for it with cash. By the time you save the money, with her knowledge, I will bet you will move onto something else to spend the funds on.