Playback Designs MPS-5 firmware update version 029 - anybody updated?

Since we have a few owners on the forum and I have been unable to find anything on the web from owners - has anybody updated their PBD to this new firmware version? I am not sure when it was released, I only noticed it was available today. I updated my machine to 027 back in August '16 and gained a massive improvement in SQ, is this new version better again? I am only asking because I recall a few years ago some owners being unhappy with one of the updates but were unable to revert to the previous version.




I have a PSD-5, would be interested in same...since the split with Jon Tinn and Andreas, not sure what support is available. Keep us posted.
here is some more info from Andreas:

Unless you are using the new USB-XIII interface there is no need to upgrade to version 029, because that version is specifically for that.

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I have the original USB interface, and am unaware of the differences or features of the newer interface.
Thanks for posting that up Bob. I wonder what 028 brings, I ask as I am still on 027.