Playback Design with Link Reference BNC Cable WOW

I consider myself a person who enjoys digital but likes analog even more. This is true even though I own the Playback Designs MPS-5 which I think is better than any other digital player I have heard including Emmlabs....

Recently I heard the Playback Designs MPS-5 with the special BNC cable that between the player and the Dartzeel Preamplifer. Holy Cow!

If you own this cd player or are thinking of getting it, you really must consider getting the dartzeel preamp and running this special bnc cable between the preamp and the cd player.

Although the sound was already excellent without it, the sound with the cable in question brought it literally on par with most vinyl setups. It added more body, better tone, richer bass, and basically removed any hint of digital badness.

I tested the player with the cable using both audiophile sacds and good ol' fashion rock and roll. In all instances, the improvement was immediate. Whether you like Miles Davis or John Coltrane or Herbie Hancock or Radiohead or Allman Brothers or Arcade Fire, it just sounded so special!!!

There is a lot of excellent equipment out there. This is expensive stuff!

Just saying that if you think you heard the playback designs and did not hear in a system with the special bnc cable, you have not truly heard this extraordinary unit optimized at its full glory.
Good to know .
I already own the Playback Designs CD Player and I am about to buy the Daetzeel pre & amp .
Also the MM 2 .
What speakers to you have ?
I have the MM2. It sounds great and has a powered woofer which helps customize sound to the room and listening area
I have the Playback as well and did not warm up to it until I put the Coincident power cord on it. Wow real analog like no grain very warm and natural. I am using Siltech interconnects balanced to my VAC preamp.

could not agree with you more. for those already lucky enough to have the PD and the dart pre those Evolution BNC's are amazing. they do require considerable break-in to reach their optimal performance. i've used my Nordost CBID1 (cable break-in device) to really cook these cables.

i have 1.25m of these between my PD and the dart pre, and then a 7.5m between the dart pre and the dart stereo amp.

when you use these cables for both it's nearly 'double' the fun.

i have another run of BNC's between the dart pre and my King/Cello custom output electronics (which i had done with the 'zeel' 50ohm BNC output) for my Studer RTR deck. i'm using my old 'Herve' 8m BNC run there. i'm very tempted to get the Evolution BNC's for there too.