Platter wobble - too much?

Hi everyone,

Just working on getting my new turntable dialed in, and the platter seems to wobble far more than my previous table.  I noticed the wobble with the naked eye from across the room.  I've already tried a new sub-platter to see if the first one perhaps had a bent spindle or machining defect.  I only have one other table to compare it to, so I don't know if this type of variation from flat is normal.  Here are a few videos:

Does this seem like a reasonable tolerance, or am I going to do some damage to the cart/bearing/records?  I appreciate any thoughts y'all might have.

Best, Scott
This is actually the second sub-platter/spindle assembly that has the exact same issue (the company was very responsive to send me a second one).  Also, the second assembly was measured closely by the manufacturer to ensure that it was up to spec.  I'm thinking that the problem lies elsewhere - perhaps the hole for the bearing is not drilled exactly straight or the bearing itself is a problem.  
ANY WOBBLE AT ALL is unacceptable. Refund or replacement. You should not even be responsible for shipping either way.  I would tell the manufacturer that a new complete table is necessary rather than requiring you to identify their defect.
GARBAGE. Buy a brand who knows how to build a proper turntable. Michell, SME, etc.
I did send the videos.  The manufacturer suggested that the subplatter that they sent was measure carefully.  They suggested that if the right amount of oil is used that the bearing/spindle should fit just right in the hole without any wobble.  I've been experimenting a bit today,  but I don't see any difference regardless of how much oil and/or anything else that I try.   I'll ask for a replacement if I don't stumble upon the answer in the next few hours.  We'll see how it goes.

I appreciate the input from all of you.  Since I only had one other table to compare it to, I didn't know how much wobble to tolerate.

Best, Scott
The amount of wobble to tolerate would be an absolute zero. The motor spindle, platter, subplatter, clamp, spindle, etc. should all be absolutely true. The belt should be uniform and not look like it has thicker/thinner sections as it passes the eye.

Any deviation means that it’s a complete defect. Or Chinese junk.

Manufacturer's comment on the oil is nonsense.
For what it's worth, the email from the manufacturer said:

"I measured the replacement inner platter run out (within the 5 thousands window). The decoupling pad that is between the inner and otter platter can cause more run out by adding its deviations to the measurement. They are now not glued to allow rotation of the position of the decoupling pad to minimize run out.If the bearing has the proper amount of oil their will be no play. the bore is two thousands larger than the spindle, allowing a oil film to separate the parts. The overall run out tolerance of the platter system is + or - 5 thousands."

Not sure what that means in terms of whether the wobble I'm getting is normal.  I just compared the first sub-platter with the second, and there doesn't seem to be too much difference.  Still a visible wobble from my listening position.  Going to send the video of both platters to them and see what they have to say.
What table is it?  It's important to know.  

In the meantime, I would notify the payment processor (Paypal or your credit card company) is there isn't an immediate effort by the seller to refund your money, including shipping.  And let the seller know you are working on getting a refund if they don't do it first.  Sellers don't like black marks on their record since it will cost them money in higher fees.
That is more than .005 out in regard to flatness. You wouldn't be able to see .005 very easily at all. FWIW, .002 bearing clearance is huge. The ones I've made have been <.0005 clearance. Never had a problem with oil covering the surface area either. Just saying...  
To the OP
You have unanimous consensus of opinion among responses which almost never happens on this forum.
Visible wobble is never acceptable. 
It is not your job to diagnose or fix it unless you've truly made an error in assembly.
You ought to return the entire package and ask for refund.
The longer you wait, the more you worsen your chances for good outcome .

Totally unacceptable. Total agreement. How often have you seen that on any audio forum?
No way would that be acceptable on a $100 tt, never mind one that is in the thousands.
I would not be touching any part of it, pack it all up and get it shipped back at their cost with either a full refund or a guaranteed perfect replacement.
No other options should even be considered.

I would not give the manufacturer the option of providing a "perfect replacement" since they already claim there is no problem.  Get a refund, walk away from them and never look back.
Maybe so
But there are plenty of GEM decks out there and have never heard of one this bad so have to figure its a one off Friday night special.

Obviously up to the OP but needs to returned post haste whatever they decide to go with.
I wanted to make it clear that I didn't start this post to cast any dispersions on the manufacturer (which is why I didn't mention the brand).  They responded immediately to send out a second sub-platter when they (and I) thought the initial problem was a bent spindle.  I just heard back from them, and they are offering a refund or a repair/replacement - my choice.  I wouldn't want this one experience to color anyone's perception of the company or the specific table.  The manufacturer has been first class all the way, and the table sounds very good.    

Thanks very much to everyone for your help - it was good to get confirmation that the wobble was a significant issue.  And I'm glad that I could find one topic on which Audiogoners all agree :)

All the best, Scott

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Marketing has its own rules ...

@syntax I do think it's a great sounding table.  I'm willing to forgive a one-off production flaw.  They handled the situation with the utmost attention to customer service.  
Glad they stepped up to the plate for you!
I really do think it was just a very unusual one off experience as they do have a very good reputation.
Good luck with your next table!
Smrex, good on you that you've handled the issue properly and good on the company for doing the right thing.
I don't remember such bummers done 30 years ago in Japan. They all worked precise.
Before going for new junk, think about prior school with better quality hands