Platinum solos need repair

Anyone know where I might be able to have the woofers repaired for the above speaker?

Ask the dealer whom advertises here.Look for their ad. and shoot them an email.
Hmm, this is a proprietary woofer that is obviously no longer produced. Every once in a while you see parts for these on ebay. I do believe that you can use the studio series drivers as well, as an upgraded cabinet and crossover is the only difference between the lines. I am not familiar with what avguygeorge is referencing bhut that sounds promising as well.

Nice little speakers you have there...

If you get no satisfaction from the above suggestions, please give Bill LeGall at Millersound a call at (215) 412 - 7700. Best speaker repair guy in the land, and will work wonders in rebuilding your drivers back to new condition for a suprisingly low price.