Platinum Audio Solos Driver Specifications

I own a pair of 10 year old Platinum Solos. The woofer drivers need replacement and am wondering if anyone can provide me with the woofer driver manufacturer or specs so I can match a new replacement pair. Thanks in advance.
If you can't find any NOS woofers for your Solos, consider contacting 'The LoudSpeaker Store.' I had some Genesis 8300 speakers that needed new woofers and Genesis recommended I contact them. I sent the existing woofers and they did the measurements and sent out a great sounding pair of drivers at a reasonable price.
Consider contacting the designer's latest business at
Telephone number 314-814-3383.
Some information from the designer might help The Loudspeaker Store determine which new woofer to sell you.
Or, Phil Jones can suggest how to obtain a reasonable replacement woofer.